Reasons to feel good
Thanks to you we've donated this many meals with plate 4 plate

Zambrero is a win for your mind, body, soul and taste buds.

We’re about more than just delicious, fresh, Mexican-inspired food. 
We’re a way to feel good inside, by helping in our mission to stop world hunger, one meal at a time, through our Plate 4 Plate initiative.

By choosing to eat with us, you make a difference - because every time you purchase one of our burritos or bowls, we donate a meal to someone in need on your behalf.

That's why we call it Feel Good Mex!

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Zambrero is a Mexican restaurant serving Mexican food differently!

With a focus on modern superfood ingredients, specially crafted marinades and distinctive sauces, we bring new delicious flavours to the Mexican favourites you love.

We freshly prepare your meal in front of you, so you can design it just as YOU like it.

Zambrero staff making burritos

Here's a way to get your Feel Good Mex fix if you can't get to our restaurant.

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